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Star Trek XI fic: In Our Nature [Series Master Post]

Book One

Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: R for language, violence and non-explicit sex (see other warnings.)
Characters/Pairings: Kirk, Uhura, McCoy, Scotty, mirror-Spock. Kirk/Uhura, some Scotty/OC.
Genres: drama/dystopian sci-fi/romance.
Summary: In events that parallel TOS' "Mirror, Mirror," four members of the Enterprise find themselves in a mirror universe but become stranded there. After covertly abandoning the Imperial fleet they seek anonymous refuge on Earth, eventually settling in the fragile autonomy of a region populated by resistant Terrans and former slaves.
Warnings: Strong violence, many references/incidents of slavery and oppression, mentions of dubcon and attempted child rape, minor character death.
Word Count: ~61000
Note: This is in a way a rebooted AU of "Mirror, Mirror," and begins very in medias res; I assume that even in reboot fandom most are familiar with the premise of the mirror universe and that episode, but if you are not, Memory Alpha is your friend.


-[Read @ AO3]

Check out the ART by enkanowen.

dog years

Rating/Warnings: M (Non-graphic violence, implications of psychologically abusive (past) relationships, several mentions of slavery and related abuse.)
Characters/Pairings: Gene/Alel, Jill/Scotty, Tom, McCoy
Summary: Placing trust in a handful of former imperial soldiers is hardly easy for a group of slave-bred Romulans on the Terran Empire's home world, even if the four humans may not be what they seem. It's hard enough to separate friend from foe among their own species, to confide in each other, to trust that they could be loved.

-Part One-
-Part Two-

Book Two [WiP]

Rating: R for language, violence and non-explicit sex (see other warnings.)
Characters/Pairings: Kirk, Uhura, Spock, Chapel, Sulu, Chekov, McCoy, Scotty, mirror-Kirk, mirror-Moreau, mirror-Spock. Kirk/Uhura, Scotty/OC, acknowledgments of a few other pairings.
Summary: After four of the ship's officers never returned from an away mission, Spock reluctantly assumed the role of captain on the Enterprise while mourning the absence of his closest companions. Jim Kirk is meanwhile becoming the Terran Empire's most wanted fugitive in a slowly transforming mirror universe. Both of their fates may be affected by the self-fulfilling prophecy of a man who has very little to lose.
Overall Warnings: Violence (including some torture), secondary character death. This has been a WIP for a long while so it will have some inconsistencies with STID (and obviously contains no spoilers for the second film).


First of all, this is all the fault of flowrs4ophelia, who convinced me that the big bang I wanted to write was in fact the plot bunny I'd begun to refer to as the overgrown evil twin of How To Be Bad. It's good to be right, and she was. She also heroically beta-read even when she didn't have psychostimulants. Yay her.

I also need to thank Enk for signing up for my story and doing some lovely art!

And a big hug towards everyone (and I mean everyone) at stbbsupport.

And to anyone who is still reading reboot fic, I thank you <3


1. Thom Yorke.Black Swan

2. The Bravery.Believe
the faces all around me they don't smile, they just crack/waiting for our ship to come but our ship's not coming back/we do our time like pennies in a jar/what are we saving for

3. Nine Inch Nails.Where Is Everybody?

4. Archie Bronson Outfit.Harp For My Sweetheart Interlude

5. Bon Iver.Blood Bank

6. Gorillaz.New Genious (Brother)

7. James Newton Howard.Asthma Attack (edit)

8. Paul Charlier.We Can Really Do This

9. Hans Zimmer.Mombasa

10. Archie Bronson Outfit.Dart For My Sweetheart
nine cold crimes in the night, please forgive me/ten are the tears that are frozen on your face/eleven, I know I'm not your favorite man

11. Bear McCreary.Someone To Trust

12. The Rolling Stones.Gimme Shelter

13. The Beta Band.Gone

14. Three Dog Night.Easy To Be Hard

15. Lotte Kestner.Leif Erikson

16. Radiohead.Fog

17. Thomas Newman.Compass and Guns

18. Stina Nordenstam.People Are Strange (UNKLE remix)
people are strange, when you're a stranger/faces look ugly, when you're alone...


+ Mirror-Spock's rebellion against the Terran Empire (which the characters know almost nothing about) is linked to the TOS novel Sorrows of Empire, which follows the outcome of "Mirror, Mirror" and Kirk's urging him to start a revolution before he returns to his own universe. The difference of course is that Jim in this fic does not really try to convince Spock to reform because he's busy worrying about other things; he just argues with him a couple times, and also mind melds with him at some point without actually consenting to, but the general idea that contact with the ideology of the prime universe "contaminates" the mirror universe with some kind of ethical shift is a constant. I ripped off one of Spock's first reforming actions, but his disappearing act is where ION diverts from Spock's actions in SoE.
+ If Uhura seems too multi-talented, I didn't exactly make it up: TAS Uhura did in fact mention that she ran a mean 100 meter dash when she was young. She's more commonly known to enjoy singing (but it's fair to say she wouldn't necessarily be exceptionally good at it).
+ The final chapter is called "Apotropaism," a word that derives from the apotropaic eye which was painted onto Roman drinking vessels to turn away bad luck or evil influences. This seemed appropriate for the final attainment of a vessel, even if Jim jokes that the name of the ship is unlucky.
The gun that Jill makes for Jim can also be seen as an apotrope; you may find out what makes it lucky in the next book.

Glossary of Romulan Terms

(As many of the words are explained or inferred in context, this may or may not be needed. Unlike the Klingon language, there is no official conlang yet invented for Romulus, but where I didn't have to make up words I used the fan language that's indexed here. I may or may not have been accurate with plural forms and syntax but I had fun trying.)

Di'ranov - Papa/father
eri'ailhun (ailhun) - wife-to-be (wife)
fhadt - "Damn it!"
hevam (pl. hevai) - human (derogatory)
jolan-tru - salutation (can also mean goodbye)
match'k - tomato-like fruit; slang for "human"
rinam - sister
Ri'nanov - Mama/mother
ryakna - garbage (in Jill's use, implied to be used as an insult for amoral but not overtly hostile Terrans)
uvhae - cheat

Tags: fanfic mixes, fanfiction, in our nature, st, st fic: mine, star trek big bang

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