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Yuletide Letter 2019

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Hello and happy yuletide!
I love these fandoms and I love surprises. Please take as much or as little from my prompts that you want or need; I try to provide a mixed bag of ideas for different strokes.

  • Basics: The whole spectrum from G-rated gen to explicit PWP is fine. I’ve got no preference over POV/tense/narrative style, just use whatever comes to you! I love pastiche for lit fandoms but something that feels more off the beaten path of the original style can also be fun.

  • I love: Angst, pining, subtle UST, first times, or established relationships with some level of conflict to be resolved. Intense friendship stories. Protectiveness in close relationships as well as in those that wouldn’t obviously appear to be protective at first. Characters experiencing a type of attraction that isn’t the status quo for them. Relationships that had a falling-out and neither of them ever really got over it. Characterization that focuses on the nature & nurture of who people have grown to be and the unique ways they take care of or need other characters. Insecurity/hangups over worthiness. A relatively even distribution between bi and gay interpretations within m/m or f/f. AUs*, whether they interact with our expectations from the original story or tell it in a thoughtfully different way, as a fork-in-the-road or a completely different genre/setting that strikes you as something that would bring some good stuff out of the characters/relationship(s). You are welcome to poke around my AO3 bookmarks or my tumblr or even my goodreads to see what fandoms I’m familiar with if the idea of doing a crossover or fusion* appeals to you (crossovers can get controversial but I say as long as big fandom characters don’t take center stage, anything is fair game).           [*I would always love to see fusions etc. with: The Bone Clocks, Harry Potter, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (I like every version I've seen), It Follows, Old Kingdom, Pacific Rim (though I’m not as into PR as its own fandom, so more of a fusion than a crossover or less focus on its characters would be preferred). I’m rarely picky about AUs, but I’d always like to see: arranged marriage (good or a conflict, amiable or eventually passionate), college/high school - or the more rare school faculty AU, sci-fi, slavery as a non-kinky theme, sex work as a non-kinky theme (though i wouldn’t be offended by smutty hookerfic), historical settings, and good old fork-in-the-road ideas that bring a whole different set of conflicts and emotional moments.]

  • I can handle: Underage, dubcon, noncon, torture, incest, bigotry. Character death. Love triangles. Infidelity.

  • I don’t want: Fix-its without sacrifice/troubles. Soulbonding/magical soulmate tropes. Disputes centered around marriage as a show of commitment ("If you were really serious you'd have proposed by now rather than just wanting to live together" and all that). A/B/O, mpreg, or any body fluid kinks. More than a mention of Alzheimer’s/dementia.

You might look at this meme for a list list of kinks/tropes I’m into if you're feeling very thorough.

Christine (1983)
Arnie Cunningham, Dennis Guilder


I'll give a side note that you can use details from the book as much as you want; the movie is more fresh in my mind but I have read it.

I ship it. We get very little of these two together before Arnie starts to go all possessed but we can tell their friendship has lasted a lot of changes over the years. That hospital visit over the holiday (which I remember was more bittersweet, less tense in the book?) feels like the last time Arnie remembered that he loves Dennis, as fleeting as the moment is. I like that Dennis is protective of Arnie and really thinks highly of him rather than just pitying him (and maybe sees something in his looks other people don’t) when it’s not socially advantageous for him to retain that loyalty, and I’d like to get more of that. Maybe they’ve fooled around once or twice? Maybe Arnie was the one who got weird about it, afraid of the eventual rejection, or they’re both just too repressed? I like the triangle with Leigh too, if you wanted to get into the confused jealousy/conduit attraction thing, just nothing that completely dismisses any meaning of her relationship with Dennis if it needs to exist or be referenced.

If Dennis was the one Christine got dangerously jealous of (either because something happens between them or she just knows) how would that go down differently? Or what if the car decides she wants to be shared by them, and maybe likes to watch them do things to each other (take that however you want it to mean) and either their closeness makes the two of them eventually snap out of it, or they all just become a weird evil threesome? I'm also into the idea of some other fantasy/sci-fi AU in which Christine is something or someone else entirely but is still threatening in some paranormal/inhuman way.

Dublin Murder Squad Series - Tana French
Cassie Maddox, Rob Ryan


Cassie/Rob is one of my favorite things and anything to do with them would be great, whether it's a missing scene from their partnership or some situation that forces them back into the same room with each other in the future. I would love anything that kind of rounds out Rob by showing more of him through her perspective, like her first/ongoing impressions of him after she joins the squad. For alternate universes I'd really love something a little out-there for these two (Something horror/sci-fi/fantasy that takes the hints of the supernatural a bit further? Historical AU? Magical academics?). Even though I ship them so hard I do see it as so heavily built on what was a deceivingly simple but very real friendship and even in an AU setting I don't really see them blatantly crushing on each other from the start even if there is some subtle UST, so I'd be fine with just bits of that seemingly platonic-life-partners dynamic they had going before it all went to hell. Anything generally intense or ambiguous would be fine if it’s more of a friendship or case fic.

I’ve requested this series every year in numerous ways, and wouldn’t say no to an appearance of other characters/relationships. if in doubt about whether I might enjoy anything a bit (or a lot) off the grid of my requests, I’d probably love it. I won’t spam you with potentially irrelevant prompts but any character or pairing I talked about in previous years is something I’d still be happy to see.
(My only NOTP concerns: please no Cassie/Sam having a blissful marriage, or Scorcher getting back together with Laura.)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Benjamin Ettenberg, Joel Maisel


I don't know if I'm the only person who ships this, but man, when Benjamin and Joel have that intense talk over cigarettes while being tucked away from the crowds during all the social pressure of the Catskills visit, not exactly becoming more than vaguely acquainted and not yet completely aware of any mutual relevance to Midge...I was immediately fascinated. While that connection being barely there works for the strange mood of that scene, I'd love for it to be something more. What if it's an attraction to men that partly makes Benjamin so standoffish? What kind of “mistakes” is he talking about making? I like the idea of them running into each other one or two more times and some intensity building between them and how much it would turn their lives upside down if they started sleeping with each other.

I would be open to a complicated poly thing with the two of them and Midge too, or just more of an acknowledgement of any feelings for her on one or both sides that doesn't reduce it to a competition or an easy negotiation, especially since Midge could be pretty much unavailable to either of them while she's more committed to her career. Or Midge never knows and it's a big ugly secret. Or they all want in and this could never work, but they try anyway.

On the other hand, Joel's life is more of a mess than Midge's. He self-destructed into leaving her out of intense insecurity, and I wonder if Benjamin might be the roughly honest but wise type to help him work through some of his issues/recognize his own strengths rather than the ones he wishes he had. Maybe one of many problems would be that sense that Joel is too ashamed of himself to be with anyone, much less in a probably secret relationship with a man. But they try anyway?

Under the Skin - Michel Faber
Amlis, Isserley

This novel really caught me off guard with how sympathetic Isserley was despite the horrific things she's doing, and how I loved the bittersweetness of her brief but intense connections with Amlis. I would be fine with getting more of Amlis and none of Isserley if you don't work her in, or something involving their relationship in a canon-diverging way.

For world building, I'd like something that explores more of Amlis’ life before or after the events of the book, what exactly it means to be a sensitive yet privileged young man in his world, how different yet similar his species is to ours. I like him for being full of empathy and wonder but he also seems a little hypocritical and self-serving, and I wonder about how those traits would look in view of the elites, whether he would stand out or be content to not rock the boat around his father for example. Does meeting Isserley change him in any way? Does he hear about her death (and whatever problems that creates for the industry after her remains are found) and grieve in spite of the reactions around him?

I also like the idea of Amlis overestimating how much his own father will look the other way while his son is trying to tear down his corporation, and maybe ending up unofficially exiled to the base on Earth where he meets Isserley. Or does he find some way to try to peacefully initiate contact with humans to warn them about what's going on, once nothing else works?

I do really ship these two, however you might be inclined to write that as far as xeno sex goes, if you don't just play on the subtly romantic vibes they had in the novel. Maybe an AU where they actually were (almost?) involved in the past, or at least met before Isserley went through with the surgery and had a similar love/hate dynamic which makes her new appearance all the more embittering for her when they meet again.

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