96 tears (ninety6tears) wrote,
96 tears

The Long Walk (Richard Bachman) fic: April

Fandom: The Long Walk (Richard Bachman | Stephen King)
Title: April
(16550 words)
Characters/Pairing: Ray Garraty/Peter McVries, Jim Garraty.
Summary: The last weekend before the Walk is when just about every young person in the country gets their yearly fix of misbehaving. Under the strict caution of his father, Ray Garraty usually stays out of it. But when he ends up impulsively spending his Friday night with a stranger he meets in town, he may be getting into far more trouble than he's used to.
Warnings/Contains: Teenagers having sex, references to depression.
Rating: M
A/N: For yuletide 2014.

Tags: fanfiction, long walk, tlw fic: mine
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