96 tears (ninety6tears) wrote,
96 tears

a few exchange fics...

[For yuletide 2015.]

Fandom: Jurassic Park Movies
Title: Red or White?
(2800 words)
Pairing: Claire Dearing/Owen Grady
Summary: It seemed just right, before that first date.
Rating: M


[For chocolate box round 1.]

Fandom: Star Wars
Title: The Medals Have All Been Melted Down
(11570 words)
Characters: Poe, Leia, various pilot characters (some of which I made up).
Summary: "Maybe a part of him wanted to keep her as that untouchable legend in his mind because the simpler closer thing wouldn’t actually be simple for him at all." Poe and Leia, the things they can't replace, and the things they can't afford.
Warnings/Contains: Aftermath of torture/trauma, childhood bereavement, scuffling.
Rating: PG-13


Fandom: Star Wars
Title: You're a Find
(2480 words)
Characters: Rey, Poe, Finn.
Summary: Poe is being a little bit too nice to Rey. Then again, she's not sure how this whole friendship thing is usually supposed to start.
Rating: G

Tags: chocolatebox, fanfiction, sw, sw fic: mine, yuletide

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