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[blueprint] - a kirk/spock mix

.for round 24 @ waywardmixes.

This is a mix not for one specific continuity of Kirk and Spock but for any/all of them. The cyclicality and infinity of their partnership in different universes and time frames, the deaths and rebirths, the knowledge that they were once or will be or must be again. Realities get tangled and forever altered, but Kirk has a fateful place as captain as much as Spock belongs as a constant at his side.


massive attack . "everywhen"
Struck stars, like tears, fall
The sequence ends
Downtime, Godspeed
Everywhen, we concede
The sequence ends
And begins
Everything you think you know

south . "keep close"
I see violence in the corner of your eye
Make sense of what you feel
There's a danger in every story and every smile

duncan sheik . "wishful thinking"
And I try to realize
That I needn't look any further
the whole of the universe
Is plain to see
And I try not to rely
On another world or the future
The whole of the universe is a mystery

peter bjorn and john . "up against the wall"
The bruises on the face don't bother me at all
Bones are trembling hands are cold
It's almost that I wish you had me up against the wall

björk . "pagan poetry"
He offers a handshake
Crooked five fingers
They form a pattern
Yet to be matched
On the surface simplicity
But the darkest pit in me
It is pagan poetry

emiliana torrini . "fingertips"
Hallowed be thy name
Live my emotions
And vanish all my shame
Yet my fingertips
Have a special sound

scala and kolacny brothers . "jóga"
All these accidents that happen
Follow the dot
Coincidence makes sense
Only with you
You don't have to speak
I feel
Emotional landscapes

red hot chili peppers . "savior"
Call out my name
Call and I came
Dusting off your savior
The life that you have narrated
You were my man

coldplay . "x & y"
When something is broken
And you try to fix it
Trying to repair it anyway you can
I dive in at the deep end
You become my best friend


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Spock is the one constant in Kirk's life, very true.

I love this. It describe them perfectly. Amazing artwork to go with it too :)

Excited to listen to this! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, hope you enjoy it!

I love the artwork you made here.

Oh, this is beautiful. Your song choices are great and I'm absolutely in love with your artwork <3.

Oh, this is lovely! I especially like that you didn't go with just one incarnation, but rather all/any of them; I haven't seen that done before, but I like it.

I honestly love everything about this mix

I love the description and the songs (and the art too)! Great mix!

Oh, the feels this gives me... really lovely.

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