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trek: bones

mix (cast out fear) - for startrekbigbang

cast out fear
a mix for the fic by s0mmerspr0ssen;
for startrekbigbang 2013

jim awakes | johan soderqvist - after the fight
healers | alexandre desplat - morning tears
shi'khar | james newton howard - the train
nightmares | johan soderqvist - eli and oscar
amanda | marcelo zarvos - i want you to have this
jim and selek | alexandre desplat - kitty's journey
young vulcans | marcelo zarvos - travel montage
jim and spock | marcelo zarvos - his witness
mind meld | johan soderqvist - oscar in love
seeing reason | mychael danna - pi and richard parker
; lamb - cotton wool

[download the zip]
[read the fic]

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Thank you so much for this wonderful mix. <3 I absolutely adore it!

Just nabbed you mix and started playing it. Love it so far! Great MIX!!

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