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trek: kirk

The Stand (Stephen King) fic: you can tell me if anyone can

Title: You Can Tell Me If Anyone Can
(one-shot, ~6000 words)
Characters/Pairings: Lucy Swann/Larry Underwood; some Fran Goldsmith & other appearances.
Summary: She always knew she was taking a chance on Larry, but in the end the sacrifice wasn't the one she expected to make.
Rating: R
Notes: After finishing this book and loving Larry Underwood all the way I couldn't help feeling that L & L's relationship got shafted on the development (especially in comparison to Fran & Stu), though I acknowledge the possibility that it's a crucial omission, given that the amount of Larry's actual passion for Lucy can be ambiguous at best. With this fic I guess I set out to do something between resolving the uncertainty and merely exploring it further; whether I did one and/or the other I think is up to the reader.


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