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pilotsbigbang fic: We're Not Friends [master post]

We're Not Friends
[for pilotsbigbang 2010]

Pairing: Lee Adama/Kara Thrace.
Other characters: Bill Adama, Sam Anders, Anastasia Dualla.
Rating: M
Warnings: Vague spoilers (parallels events up to "Unfinished Business"). Recreational drug use.
Summary: When two soldiers in the middle of a war can't seem to like each other, baptism by fire is apparently the natural solution. AU in which Kara never knew Zak and first meets Lee after the fall of the colonies.
Beta reader: flowrs4ophelia. She doesn't let a fool stay a fool.
Word Count: ~24740

|part 1|
|part 2|
|part 3|
|part 4|

|*timestamp: losing track of time|

Voted Best Long Fic @ the no_takebacks Oscar Week 2010.

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I can't believe I am the first to comment on this. I found this through the pilotbigbang community..

I don't know if you like comments or not but I thought I would just write something to let you know that I LOVE this bigbang story. I loved everything about it. The fact that they hated each other is totally believable and I love Lee most when he's a bastard. =) Honestly, after I finished reading it (all in the same sitting) I thought about reading it over again. Great job!

I was wondering, would you mind if I rec'ed it?

Oh, hey, I love comments XD This hasn't been x-posted anywhere yet and seeing that somebody wandered over here is a pleasant surprise!

I was wondering, would you mind if I rec'ed it? Of course not, that would be very flattering and lovely.
Thank you so much for telling me you liked the fic, especially bastard!Lee, LOL. I really appreciate it :)

Yeah, I just felt like I needed to tell you how much I liked it. I couldn't help myself. =)

You have such an amazing Lee voice. I definitely will rec it. Thanks!

How did I miss this? Okay, this story is amazing. I've just read the whole fic in one sitting and I’ll just say that I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Your writing style is beautiful and this story just floored me with its elegance and subtlety... Both the premise –pilots dispossessed of what possibly is one of their most defining traits, their friendship-- is intriguing and, oddly, totally believable. But what I love most about it is how you scatter through the story meaningful details and haunting, evocative images, building up Lee and Kara’s relationship in the process. I particularly love when Kara remembers that only one moment, when they are in Lee’s bunk and they are interrupted in the middle by some pilots, and their relationship shifts irrevocably. The intensity yet simplicity of this particular scene, how Lee pushes Kara to acknowledge him and their thing takes my breath away. And the entire ending is perfect, it’s joyous and romantically austere in a way that it’s completely them and it made me grin like and idiot.

(Also, are you going to crosspost this? Because you totally should --must, really ;)).

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment. I was honestly pretty nervous about writing a fic which, as you say, more or less strips these two of what defines them in canon and a lot of the things I love about them at that, but I took it on as a challenge and I'm happy to hear it felt right in context of this take on them. I'm so happy you enjoyed it :D
(And yeah, I am planning to crosspost eventually, haha. I'm waiting until the festival period at pilotsbigbang gets underway.)

I stumbled across this again as I was cleaning out my bookmarks and realized that in my typical lurker fashion, I keep reading and re-reading this fic and have never actually commented on it, so here I am.

This is one of my all-time favorite fics. It's so beautifully written and has such amazing energy. Even though the story is a big departure from canon, you've managed to keep the essence of Lee and Kara so well and I just wanted to drop in and let you know how much I absolutely LOVE this fic.

&hearts &hearts &hearts

:D :D Oh lords, the fact that you've read it multiple times is high praise enough. Thank you for such kind comments!

You're an AMAZING writer bb. Absolutely phenomenal and I'm sorry that I haven't said it before. &hearts &hearts &hearts

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