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[WHO ARE THE BRAIN POLICE?] - a welcome to night vale fanmix

.for round 26 ("Places") @ waywardmixes.

Welcome To Night Vale is a sci-fi/fantasy podcast that alludes to the mysterious goings-on of its eponymous fictional town in the format of radio news coverage delivered by the mild-mannered (yet disobedient) Cecil Gershwin Palmer. Paranormal happenings, glimpses into parallel worlds as well as brush-ins with angels are fairly commonplace, as is frequent censorship and thought control regarding these events, whether it's on the part of the City Council, StrexCorp Synernists Incorporated, the Sheriff's Secret Police, or a vague yet menacing government agency. The combination of muddled politics and absurdist magic creates a humorously unpredictable and sometimes darkly undefinable setting of Orwellian parody, social satire, and hilarious horror.


beck . "deadweight"
Oh say can't ya see the chemistry
The parasites, the cleanup fee
Death leather hands, recycled cans
Get well cards to the hostage vans
Don't let the sun catch ya crying

mike doughty . "st. louise is listening"
I stopped the thought
before its drip became insistent,
I rubbed it out and
loved the spot where it were missing

eels . "last stop: this town"
Take a spin through the world you left
It's getting dark a little too early
Are you missing the dearly bereft?
Taking flight and you could be here tomorrow
Taking flight, well, you could get here tonight
I'm gonna fly on down for the
Last stop to this town

angelo badalamenti/pigface . "night life in twin peaks (binary stream version)"

the verse . "life's an ocean"
Imagine the future
woke up with a scream
I was buying some feelings
from a vending machine

tame impala. "runway, houses, city, clouds."
There is nothing that is safe.
I know some things have to change.
But don't remind me of home,
in case it isn't quite the same.

soul coughing . "unmarked helicopters"
The demon was an idea
The demon is awake
The scratch mark left across the surface of your mind
This hour now upon us
The hour has now arrived

frank zappa & the mothers of invention . "who are the brain police?"
What will you do if we let you go home,
And the plastic's all melted,
And so is the chrome?

gorillaz . "we are happy landfill"
So follow the lives
Till they cut up your eyes
You won't be even seeing
if you ain't growing lies

radiohead . "the national anthem"
Everyone is so near
Everyone has got the fear
It's holding on


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AHHHH I love WTNV mixes, I am so excited you made one!

Ahaha awesome song choices and the lyrics you've chosen are perfect! And I love the artwork! I just love it. <3

WTNV Mix! *flails* This looks so great!

This is very awesome, I love both your song choices and the artwork!

This is so NEAT!

The songs suit Night Vale so well; they have really interesting instrumentation and most of them sound like something that should be on The Weather section.

I loved it. ♥

Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Oh, this is fantastic! It really captures the feeling of the town, and the podcast itself!

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